The technologies integrated into the mobile multiple objective platform are capable to solve tactical and strategic tasks. High passability of the mobile platform is carried out by means of a special construction of the chassis on wheels or on caterpillar that allows exploiting MR-400 inany weather conditions with no specially prepared platform.

The main technical characteristics

  • The platform is equipped by the full drive 4х4
  • 2 anthropomorphic manipulators
  • Video observation system
  • Program management of an artificial intelligence from a remote server or a platform board
  • Remote control by the operator

Typical Applications

  • The Ministry of Emergency Situations
  • The Ministry of Internal Affairs
  • The chemical industry


  • Work in harmful and life-threatening conditions
  • Manufacturing and recycling of various types of arms and strong poisonous substances
  • Diagnostics of the environment state in any weather conditions
  • Carrying out of technological operations in extreme conditions for a man