The full-sized anthropomorphic robot AR-600 is a humanoid highly-adaptive platform possessing navigation and communication artificial intelligence. The robot is capable to fulfill independently or together with a man difficult logical tasks, to carry on simple controlled dialogue, to move and orientate in space, to replace a man in any kind of work and in any sphere of life.

The main technical characteristics

  • 2 anthropomorphic manipulators
  • 2 anthropomorphic “legs” (pedipulators)
  • Video observation system
  • Audio system
  • Remote control by means of the operator
  • Program management of an artificial intelligence from a remote server or from the platform AR-600

Typical Applications

  • Emergency situations
  • Public health services
  • Security
  • Space
  • Entertainment
  • Exhibitions
  • Sports complexes


  • Realization of tasks in a around-the-clock work, including work in the harmful and life-threatening conditions
  • Presentations
  • Target audience detection
  • Preparation of experts in control of multifunctional universal humanoid highly-adaptive platforms