An Open Joint Stock Company Scientific Production Association “Android Technics” is a Russian enterprise, which was founded in 2005.

The “Android Techniques” project is aimed at organizing a modern production complex for development and production of the chain of anthropomorphic techniques. The project assumes the promotion of innovative products in the anthropomorphic techniques to the Russian market.

Principal trends of activity 

  • Developing, manufacturing and implementation of the anthropomorphic techniques (robotics devices and anthropomorphic robots) to the Russian market;
  • Software management (development of robot control systems);

Research and Development;

  • Servicing and warranty maintenance of anthropomorphic techniques.

The list of mobile platforms and robotics systems developed by the company “Android Techniques” 

  1. Robots made in the AT
    • Full-sized anthropomorphic robot AR-600;
    • Full-sized anthropomorphic robot AR-601;
    • Full-sized anthropomorphic robot AR-400;
    • Full-sized anthropomorphic robot AR-400М;
    • Data-servicing robot SR-200;
    • Mobile platform MR-500 on the 4 animal extremities;
    • Mobile anthropomorphic robot MR-400;
    • Mobile platform MR-200 on 6 animal limbs;
    • Low-sized anthropomorphic robots AR-100, AR-101, AR-101;
    • Low-sized anthropomorphic robots AR-103;
    • Multifunctional innovative platform.
  2. Control systems and software developed by AT
    • Control system “Suit”
    • Hard-and software complex “Andromeda”;
    • Microcontrollers, MK series

The main enterprises and ministerial offices of the Russian Federation JSC SPA AT cooperates in the developing of high-technological control systems and robotics are: “Russian Railways” JSC, The Central Scientific Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering, the Central Aerodynamic Institute, The United Aircraft Corporation, The Ministry of Education and Science of The Russian Federation, and “Tsitronics”.

The developments of the company are applied in the industrial production, education, medicine, entertainment and advertising spheres.  In the company we solve fundamental engineering tasks — integration of technologies into areas of mechanics, electronics, electrical engineering, technical vision, sensor perception, navigation, artificial intelligence and group interaction of mobile objects. It will allow to solve many tasks in the field of defense, national economy, education and spheres of services successfully.

JSC SPA «Android Technics» takes an active part in the All-Russian competitions and international industrial trade fairs and exhibitions.