For further development of the Russian-German relations in the area of robotics the representatives of  JSC SPA “Android Technics” and  Federal State Unitary   Enterprise  “ TsNIIMash”  returned a visit to Research Centre for intelligent robotics DFKI in Germany, Bremen during 15.10-20.10.2012.

During the meeting the parties continued to discuss the possible arrangement and the prospective for joint international space experiment with the use of current technical developments such as a vision system, local and global navigation, sensory system designed by German partners and the Russian anthropomorphic robotic system SAR-400 with an interactive control system. The representative of German Space Agency DLR Mr. Rainer Scharenberg also participated in the discussions.

Russian specialists were acquainted with the technical capacity of German partners in the area of robotics.

“That is good for us to meet again our colleagues and likeminded people to discuss both the highly-specialized and general practical arrangements concerning our collaboration” – Mr. Vladislav Sychkov (SPA) said. “It is always useful to meet with people who show, except their operational excellence, the unabated enthusiasms and the dominant position in their field of activity”, he added.

Within the context of a meeting two parties gained understanding of the discussed robotic system configuration for further development of its concept formulation and the work breakdown of their collaboration.

The outcomes of this meeting were the signing of a protocol and Memorandum of cooperation.   

The responsible executives of SPA


“Android technics” and DFKI considered also possible steps to implement their joint commercial projects in the area of robotics.

Two parties expressed their satisfaction at the agreements which have been reached between them and they believe they have made a good beginning for the future-oriented space experiment being important for the world community.