The first Russian anthropomorphic robot was presented to the worldwide space community at the Global Space Exploration conference that took place on the 22-24 May inWashington.

The anthropomorphic robotic system SA400 is a development of the Scientific development andProductionCenter“Android technique” designed to be used in space activities and to solve certain problems of the Russian manned astronautics:

–   Transport, mounting, inspection and other technological operations both in IV and EV activities.

–   Rescue and salvage operations in cases when the human presence is undesirable or he is  personally an object of salvation;

–   Informational and psychological supporting of the orbital space station crew.

The high performance of gripper is a distinct advantage of the Russian robot over its foreign analogues. Besides due to force-torque reflection the SAR-400 operator could “feel” the objects which whom he interacts.

The parties interested in the global space exploration could be acquainted with this development at the exhibition stand of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Central R & D Institute (Russian Space agency), which is the main institute for development and planning of the space programs in the Russian Federation.  They were also commented on the particularities, main performance data and test results achieved.

The representatives of international space agencies, industrial enterprises of the participating countries in space programs displayed a keen interest in this Russian development – an innovative concept of the basic technology for the solution of long-range space objectives. “The high priority was given to the issues of integration of the current developments with SAR-4000, for example, with extravehicular manipulators. The synergism achieved based on such integration of technologies and engineering development allows increasing several times the efficiency in EV activities” – Mr.Vladislav Sychkov, Technical Director of the development company commented.


Contact name at the Conference

Mr. Oleg Alekseevich Saprykin

Chief of Manned Space Programs Department,

FederalStateUnitary Enterprise Central R & D Institute

Tel. No. 8 916 327 55 91

Mr. Vladislav Borisovich Sychkov

Technical Director

SPA “Android technique”

Tel. No. 8 963 094 99 88


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