At the annual scientific ICRA 2012 conference the latest robotics and the most interesting robots from all over the world will be presented. A subject of this conference will be «Robots and automation: innovations for needs of the future». Last conference on a robotics of ICRA 2011 took place in Shanghai. There light learned about such interesting development as, for example, PR2, learned to sort clothes and to put it in places. “Lingodroida’s” which are thinking out cartographical names too the robots were presented on ICRA 2011.

 ICRA Robot Challenge 2012

As the part of the program of conference on a robotics this year will take place ICRA Robot Challenge 2012. Where will pass tests for robots on categories «Mobile manipulations», «A modular robotics», «A mobile microrobotics», «A production call» and competition of appendices for an android of DARwIn-OP. ICRA 2012 will pass from May 14 to May 18 in the USA, in the State of Minnesota, will accept its city of Saint Paul.