The military department intends to enlist the help of scientists to develop
Build system of devices and nano-satellites launched components derived
of the operation of devices.

Utilization of satellite antennas in the representation of the artist (image DARPA).

According to experts, in geosynchronous orbit (35.8 km) are
have completed their service or defective for other reasons, satellites,
worth a total of $ 300 billion from this “garbage” can get rid of
not only the destruction (for example, using lasers or tungsten dust
space robot cleaners), but also by recycling.
The latter option will try to implement management perspective
Research U.S. Department of Defense (DARPA) program Phoenix.
The idea of ​​the project is to build a useful new device from the base
module in the form of nano-satellite and space trash items that have not yet
lost their health – such as antennas. The process will be
directly in space using the apparatus, controlled from Earth.
The venture will require new technologies in communication and robotics, but
the main difficulty will be that most of the satellites are not intended to be
disassembly or repair, says project leader David Bernhart. According to him,
even unscrew a couple screws will be problematic.
Whatever it was, DARPA is confident in the success of the mission. In November, the Office
will hold a round table dedicated to the Phoenix, a test of the prototype is scheduled for
In 2015.