Surely, those of you who are interested in space technology, know about the experimental module, released by the Japanese, KIBO. Today it is installed on the ISS.

In the near future part of this module should be a robot. So far the car is called the same sign with the module, but at the time of presentation of the robot to the public in February 2012, he already will have its own name. Scheduled flight into space no earlier than projected in 2014.

Appearance robot yet kept secret, however, under the hands of the masters are expected to increase humanoid machine is about 30-40 cm

Tomotake Takahashi of the ROBO-GARAGE accidental directed this work, the latest draft of the master – a miniature robot Panasonic EVOLTA Traveler, who overcame their own power trip of 500 miles. You can be confident that this development would be extremely interesting Takahashi instance robotics.

And while we continue to expect news of KIBO, last got a personal website, and invites all interested people to write their own short text and audio messages to be transferred to the robot required the astronauts to the ISS on arrival.

Indeed, quite alone in the cosmos, so is the message from the home planet, for sure, will please the brave astronauts.