High-tech projects for the military establishment has always stood strong financial resources and therefore the development of dozens of steps ahead of what we have in the civil department.

However, there are exceptions! Civil invention for model aircraft store owner Mike Theis, in cooperation with the former American Air Force engineer Richard Perkins is seriously interested, and military and law enforcement agencies.

His project enthusiasts called WASP (wireless air monitoring platform). This flying UAV has a wingspan the length of the fuselage about 180 cm and weighs about 6.5 kg.

In order to get on the radar screens, the plane is too small, and security systems with confidence consider it a big bird.

The aircraft is based on the Army drones to practice aimed fire on the set targets, but instead of a petrol engine it is electric.

Integrated electronics has GPS-module, which paves a route in advance for the free flight WASP without a remote operator. Remote control is also possible and may be included under difficult conditions.
On board the UAV mounted high resolution camera to capture the observed objects.

But a cause of concern of government services are not the above criteria. Robot aircraft is able to hack Wi-Fi network and GSM, the default collecting data from the connected clients. This function is vested in the board mini-computer that is running Linux with 32 GB of storage for recording the stolen data. Hacking by using BackTrack tools and vocabulary of 340 million words, used as the password database.

Source: http://airobot.ru/