A team of researchers from the Institute of Zurich, dynamical systems and control of the Higher Technical School has demonstrated many times to us examples of the special system of testing and evaluation for mobile robots – Flying Machine Arena.

In this “school” minikvadrokoptery learned to play the piano, to fight in a ping-pong, and now engineers have introduced them to the sensor Kinect.

Demonstration of such cooperation clearly presented in the video.

Special sensors Kinect and Flying Machine Arena, built into the system, monitor the operator’s hand position in space. The movement in the air quadrocopters given the right hand gestures, while stroke of his left hand – the machine makes a clever coup in the air.And clapping dutifully make a flying boat to land.

Interesting facts:

If the operator is not moving and waving his arms, quadrocopter goes into standby mode, quietly hovering in the air.

For security reasons, the developers have entered the region of “exclusion zone” around the operator, so the focus from landing on his head quadrocopters fail.

Editor’s note: It is now only possible demonstration Flying Machine Arena, it will still be there?

Source: http://airobot.ru/