The First Laboratory of Anthropomorphic Robotic Systems Opened in Russia

On the 18th of April, 2013, Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University and Android Technics Scientific Production Association have jointly established “Intelligent Robotics” – the R&D laboratory of anthropomorphic robotic systems – the first of the kind in Russia. The laboratory provides opportunities for advanced scientific researches in the field of robotics. The basis of the […]

Toshiba unveils four-legged robot for Fukushima cleanup, far from ready for use

Japan’s Toshiba showed off a new four-legged robot that is designed to venture into highly radioactive areas and assist with the cleanup efforts at the damaged Fukushima nuclear plant. The irony here is that Toshiba is one of the country’s larger developers of nuclear reactor technologies. Also that the robot is in such a pre-production state, filled with errors […]

RSLSteeper launches third version of its bebionic myoelectric hand

Nigel Ackland could be mistaken for a cyborg. He has a high-tech robotic hand that looks like it started life as a Formula 1 car and its movements are alarmingly lifelike. It’s called the “bebonic3” and is the latest version of bebonic series of artificial hands produced by RSLSteeper of Leeds, U.K. The myoelectric hand has been […]

Return visit to Germany

For further development of the Russian-German relations in the area of robotics the representatives of  JSC SPA “Android Technics” and  Federal State Unitary   Enterprise  “ TsNIIMash”  returned a visit to Research Centre for intelligent robotics DFKI in Germany, Bremen during 15.10-20.10.2012. During the meeting the parties continued to discuss the possible arrangement and the prospective […]

New round of cooperation between russia and germany in space robotics

The working meeting of Russian and German companies SPA “Android technics”, FGUP TsNIIMash and DFKI took place last week.  The primal question appeared on the agenda was the Russian-German joint space experiment for usability of an anthropomorphic robot to give the cosmonauts the in-flight operational support in the ISS. The possibilities of carrying out the […]

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